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The Queen's Commonwealth Trust:
Young Leaders Social Films

Art Direction / Storyboarding / Socials

The Queens Commonwealth Trust (QCT) is an organisation set up by the Windsor Royal Family in 2018. QCT is an organisation that offers learning resources, networking connections, and funding for young leaders within the Commonwealth. They “champion, fund and connect” young leaders who are working hard to change the world to demonstrate the energy and optimism of young people across the Commonwealth, giving them all the resources they need to drive change.  It is a place that sparks optimism and inspiration, where more and more people feel motivated and confident to step up and take positive action.

QCT has had a hard time articulating exactly what they do and how they can help people. A brand campaign was developed for QCT that clearly articulates what the organisation does in an impact-focused way, by highlighting the great work the QCT team and their Young Ambassadors do together, and the community that this creates, to hopefully reach more people around the commonwealth. 

For this campaign, I was responsible for creating a distinct art direction for the series of films to be shared across QCT's social media platforms. The content of these videos features a selected Young Ambassador explaining the respective initiatives that they lead and how QCT has aided them in allowing their causes to grow. The main challenge was to create a refreshed look that has a more vibrant tone than the usual QCT branding which would be more appealing to younger audiences.  

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