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(Taxes for London)

Live project / Branding / Print

This was a live brief project in collaboration with Government Digital Services UK. Working alongside a team of three other designers, a visual campaign was designed to improve the relationship between the government and local businesses through awareness of corporate tax evasion. The campaign, in collaboration with TfL, highlights how tax evasion disrupts essential public services like transport systems and discourages the public from this harmful practice. This was done by focusing on creating speculative designs on a fictional “tax-free Britain” whereby existing public sectors would undergo intense privatisation.

The aim of this project was to educate the public on how harmful tax dodging can be whilst bringing to light the various different services that our taxes fund. A catalogue was created to document various speculative products that physicalize how taxes fund the transport system. Each product includes price tags based on financial figures from official spreadsheets provided by the Department for Transport and the calculations for the social cost behind each service. 

To further publicise the information and educate the public, infographic posters were created with official tax evasion figures and illustrations of services that these numbers could subsidise. An informative four-page risograph newspaper pullout spread was also published and circulated to meet the target demographic of working individuals who rely on public transport on a daily basis.

This was a collaborative project with Maria Hardy, Kate Mason, Donia Jones, and
the UK Government Digital Service.

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